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Infrared sensor as we know
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Infrared sensor as we know, the three most common types of application the infrared sensor can realize non-contact temperature measurement, distance measurement multiple functions such as high temperature, also has high sensitivity, it is because of these advantages, make it have very extensive application in all walks of life.A night-vision technology can be implemented using infrared sensor cameras night vision function. Infrared night vision that is in the condition of night vision, a few yards cameras gives people invisible infrared light and then go to illuminate objects photographed, and turn off the infrared filter lens, will not stop the infrared into CCD, so after object reflective infrared imaging will enter to the lens.Two infrared NDT infrared nondestructive flaw detector can be used to check the internal defects of the component, structure without any damage to components. For example, to check two pieces of sheet metal welding quality, can use infrared radiation detector to easily check the leakage welding or lack of welding;Can also use it to detect the internal cracks of metal materials, three core is infrared detector, infrared detector of infrared system after we according to the detection mechanism is different, can he divided into two major categories of heat detector and photon detectors. Thermal detectors, it is the use of radiant heat effects, and then let the detecting element receives the radiant energy can cause a rise in temperature, thus let the detector depends on the performance of the temperature change. And test the performance of one change, can detect shenzhen haiwang infrared sensor, reproduced please indicate the source!
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