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Provide an overview of the fault detection
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Provide an overview of the fault detection of thermistor today let's simply say thermistor fault detection: (1) first of all, let's look at the appearance of thermistor.Potentiometer or thermistor must mark is clear, no rust, welding pieces or pin screw shaft rotating flexible, elastic, appropriate turns feel is smooth, there is no mechanical noise and jitter phenomenon at the same time.(2) use the hand gently shake potentiometer thermistor soldering terminal or pin, as there should be no loose phenomenon.Electric block (3) the multimeter to the appropriate range, then we in ohms zero, finally using two pens and (both positive and negative), respectively, and the ends of the resistor pin, so that it can measure the resistance value of the actual.Finally will test to check the value and the nominal value of the resistor, which can be a good judge potentiometer or thermistor are in good condition.If the multimeter pointer is not moving, then shows that the internal resistance of body and disconnect.(4) the potentiometer or the center of the thermistor pin is and its activity within the contact have a connection.We use a multimeter two pens and any connecting the center pin respectively, and the rest of the pin, and then slowly rotation of the handle, header pointer needs corresponding moving smoothly, if the pointer is the phenomenon of jumping, falling, then explain and movable contact resistance is poor contact.

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