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the matters needing attention of thermistor NTC thermistor
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When using the matters needing attention of thermistor NTC thermistor is a kind of typical also has temperature sensitivity of the resistance of the semiconductor, we can use 2 f temperature detection, temperature control, temperature compensation, and microwave power measurement and voltage control, then we choose will have to be according to the needs of the application circuit to select the appropriate type and model, but also need to pay attention to the NTC thermistor temperature control range is in line with the requirements of the application circuit.1, although said thermistor is able to a certain temperature under thermal shock, but because of its packaging material is glass, because as far as possible in order to not let the thermal degradation and semiconductor, we will have to be as much as possible to avoid sharp temperature change.2 current through the thermistor, can also cause the component itself fever and thus can produce temperature difference, so we must want to consider this factor in front of the selection.3, due to the use of insulation fault circuit and static electricity, wrong connection will lead to excessive current through the thermal semiconductor and damage thermistor, here you need to pay attention to the connection mode don't have a current through the thermistor.4, after 5 t (in seconds), the best time more than 7 t (in seconds) to start measurement.5, used in high precision demand, or do not want the thermal resistance of semiconductor have aging system, so we have after high temperature test and so on appraisal of the high reliability of heat sensitive semiconductor.Are often referred to as temperature compensation circuit with circular thermistor cannot be used in allows features to have change with years of system, because it is not made for temperature measurement component, so should avoid using it on the requirements of high reliability in the system and high-precision measurement meter.
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