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Detail: HW8002 PIR sensor module

  • HW8002 PIR sensor module
  • HW8002 PIR sensor module
  • HW8002 PIR sensor module

HW8002 PIR sensor module


Based on infrared technology automatic control products, HW8002 has high sensitivity and reliability, and is widely used in various types of automatic induction appliances, such as automatic doors, automatic washing mobile phones, automatic liquid droppers, sensor flushers, various types of smart toys, energy-saving lamps. , Automatic body-sensing night light and other induction electrical equipment.



1 Fully automatic sensing: When a person enters its sensing range, it outputs a high level. When the person leaves the sensing range, it automatically delays and turns off the high level and outputs a low level.

2 Photosensitive control, no induction in daytime or strong light, night induction. (Default is no photosensitive control)

3 two trigger modes (default repeatable trigger)

   a. Non-repeatable triggering mode: After the sensor output is high, once the delay period ends, the output will automatically change from high level to low level;

   b. Repeatable triggering mode: after the sensor output is high, during the delay time period, if there is activity of the human body in its sensing range, the output will remain high until the person will delay and then leave high power. Level changes to low level (the sensing module automatically delays a delay period after detecting each activity of the human body, and the time of the last activity is the starting point of the delay time).


 Technical Parameters


Product Model


Batch can be customized


● The level of the output is not an absolute value. The change of the ambient temperature will have a slight influence on it, and an error value of about ±0.5V may occur.

● Modules are reserved CDS photoresistor interface for light control functions;

● Other customized items may add additional costs. It is recommended to maintain regular parameters. Please discuss and communicate with relevant staff for specific matters.

Working Voltage


can be customized

Static Power

<50 uA;


Level Output


No induction0V

can be customized

Delay Time


Available fixed resistance

Block Time


can be customized

Trigger Mode

Passive repeatable trigger


Induction Distance


can be customized

Induction Angle Range


can be customized

Working Temperature




32 x 24 x 7mm

can be customized




● The pyroelectric infrared sensor should be 2.0-2.2 meters away from the ground. Keep away from air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves and other sensitive places where air temperature changes.

● There must be no screens, furniture, large bonsai or other partitions within the detection range.

● The pyroelectric infrared sensor should not be directly facing the window, otherwise the interference of hot air currents outside the window and the movement of people will cause false alarms. It is better to have the curtains on conditional conditions. Infrared pyroelectric sensors should also not be installed where there is strong airflow.

● The sensitivity of the pyroelectric infrared sensor to the human body is also related to the direction of human motion. Pyroelectric infrared sensors are the least sensitive to radial shift reactions, and are most sensitive to moving sides in the cross-cut direction (ie, the direction perpendicular to the radius). Selecting the proper installation location at the site is to avoid false alarms from the infrared probe and to obtain the best detection sensitivity.